If you are beginning therapy, you may feel a little anxious about this process. Finding a therapist that is a fit is the first start on a path of self-discovery. My training includes many mental health therapies, and the interventions that I use are compassion-based and mindfulness-based. The counseling process is tailored to meet your needs and maybe short and solution-focused or longer using psychotherapeutic techniques. You can expect a holistic and person-centered approach to your concerns. I also offer interactive mindfulness courses to help manage distress and stress reactions. Mindfulness is key to developing self-regulation skills to grow inner calm and ease in your everyday. In addition, we may use desensitization techniques for handling problems, like addictions and avoidance and preventing relapse. 

Life Transitions are a natural occurrence across a life span, as we age from childhood to adult, marriage, having a baby, career change, divorce, retirement, or living with a diagnosis. Life happens as we make plans, and that might be very challenging. Seeking a professional counselor is often the answer to finding your way back to happiness. I believe we come together through the power of aspiration. So if you aspire to grow and want to see changes in your life or are suffering from Anxiety Disorders, Emotional Disturbances, Grief, Trauma, Abuse, Depression, or Self-Harming or Shame, please reach out and email me now. Your self-care and well-being matter to me. 

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

~ Albert Einstein